listen quietly

with open mind & willing heart

listen within the silence

underneath the shadows

listen with intention

and hear...

When I issued a desperate plea

crying out in anguish

when I begged for answers

for escape

for death

anger overwhelmed me

the sound of my screams

of things breaking

of criticism

of argument

drowned out all else

But when I truly listen

listen calmly

focused on serenity

listen courageously

unafraid of the response

listen over the chaos

filtering out the confusion

when I listen carefully

I hear...

I hear a harmony

a beautiful chord

reverberating through the vastness of space

sweeping through planets & stars

rolling through ocean tides

rustling in the leaves of lush forests

I hear the voices

of the people who love me

quiet whispers of encouragement

cheers & laughter

I hear a melody

carried on the wind

a song of peace

I add my unique note

amplifying the sound

sending it back into the universe


do you hear it?

Add your voice

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