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I Am Alcohol

I Am Alcohol

They call me




I am these things and so much more

I am a stealthy thief

A force of destruction

As I travel through your system


Into the brain

Where I cloud thoughts

Steal intellect

Cripple logical thought

Planting mines that will explode

When least expected

Into your eyes

Distorting everything you see

Hiding rescuers from sight

Blinding you in total darkness

Into the heart

Where I flood out your compassion

Pressurize the chambers

That pump the blood of love through your veins

Cut off the ventricles of empathy

Slow the beat and speed decay

Into the gut

Where I displace the desire for nourishment

Churning and twisting

Burning the lining that protects you

From my poison

And most importantly

Into the soul

Where I sully the things you love

Break your core beliefs

And replace them with lies

Convincing you

That you don’t matter

You don’t care

You are pointless


And when you try to rid yourself of me

The bombs I laid


Making you crave me all the more

Begging me to release you from the agony

But I will not

I am Alcohol

I am relentless

I am omnipresent

I am destructive

I am an instrument of death

And I have corrupted you

As long as I keep you from seeking help

From the others who have beaten me

I will overtake you

Who is this that comes to rescue you?

A survivor?


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