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Seasons of Life

Born on the cusp of spring

Melting from snow into dew

With gifts and love aplenty

But something always seemed askew

I wandered in clear sunlit fields

The grass beneath my bare feet

I tried to define myself

But never felt quite complete

In summer I burst into flames

Breaking out of a cocoon

But I was not yet ready for life

Facing adulthood too soon

I hid myself right in plain sight

Craving the sweet nourishment

Of love and affection from others

Who did not know what those things meant

In autumn I could not sustain

I lacked the confidence to fly

I sought a different nectar

But slowly I fell from the sky

I saw my dreams floating away

Never having met my true self

She hovered above me concerned

But unable to restore me to health

And now hostile winter approaches

Its promise of hardship and cold

I am seeking a fortress of warmth

To fortify my empty soul

I find this haven inside me

This buried old treasure chest

That holds the belief that I need

To put all these fears to rest

And I know now that I can survive it

For look what I’ve lived through this far?

I need only to amplify light

To follow my own shining star

So I look forward to a new spring

Where my soul will emerge again

With faith and confidence in me

I know that this is not the end

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